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"Poor Anthony!!" Part 2 Experince of ear acupuncture





Anthony had my Seitai therapy and he liked it in Part 1.

Let me tell you his experience of ear acupuncture.


Anthony had my Ear Acupuncture after my Seitai Therapy.  Since he

lives out of Japan, I would not be able to have another session to work on

his neck, shoulders and back soon. Then I suggested to use his ears for



I explained that those stickers with small steel balls will keep stimulating

acupuncture points on his ears to release muscle strain and lighten pain.

Please refer to the photos in another article.


Although my explanation was apparently not enough, he gracefully left the choice to me.  He nodded immediately and told me, “OK” with subtle smile

(perhaps he was a bit scared!


I carefully decided some points on his ears which are so familiar to me

because most of my clients have same/similar symptoms and problems. 

I had been practicing and working on exactly same points every day! 


I would have been working of hundreds and thousands of ears (!!) by that

time.  Oh no!!  They are all suffering from pain!


The following day, I saw Anthony with red eyes and, again, half smiling

and entering my room.


As soon as he saw me, he said “Akiko, I am angry with YOU!


“Oh, my! What did I do?!


“Did my Seitai session hurt him


I asked myself, but said nothing.  Just trying to figure out what made him



After a pose, he laughed merrily and said, “I’m joking!
  I am not mad, but

couldn’t sleep last night.” And then he pointed one of his ears


“I slept on this side…oops!!
  Then I turned my head and slept on the
other side…ouch!!
 all night long”


“Ah, your ears!  They hurt!  Sure they did…


His ears were red, his eyes were red. 


I told him, “I told you if they hurt too much, just take the stickers off from

your ears!  Why did you keep them?


I blamed him for not following my instruction.  He said, “it is a pity to take

them off.  You did it to help me. ” Then he smiled.


Whereas he could not sleep that night, he looked better and happy.


Poor Anthony!! Since they hurt, but…


Lucky you!
Now you know ear acupuncture and it made you feel better





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