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“Poor Anthony!!” Part 1


I would like to tell you Anthony's experience on Traditional Chinese
Medicine (hereinafter referred as TCM).  He is a friend of mine and had
my session months ago and kindly wrote the following note as a reference
letter.  I will post it as it is and in Part 2, I will tell you what happened to him  after he tried "ear acupuncture.
Ear acupuncture is practiced as an alternative of acupuncture.  We stick 
Mustard seeds or small steel balls on acupuncture points on ears and they
work to improve problems.  I myself had tried this in July 2009 with Ms.
Catherine N K and it worked on my neck perfectly.  I will write on my
experience with details later, but I will introduce Anthonys first.  In the Part 1, you will see how happy Anthony was with my Tuina session (with
Japanese Seitai therapy).
It will be continued to Part 2
I have known of Akiko for 10 years now through word and mouth from
mutual friend. As yet I have not had the time to seek her to help me with
my neck, shoulder, lower back and more recently my left knee.

After my first session with Akiko I have full movement with my neck which

was injured at work 4 & half years ago. I have had Physio treatments for
the neck, but in 2-3 days after the treatments, the constant pain and lack
of movement returned. With this neck pain, my left shoulder was under
great strain supporting my neck which became locked up and with every
movement was painful.  Akiko also worked on my left knee. Straight away
I could feel the knee joint open up, as she said it would, relieving the
feeling of discomfort I had. To this day there has been no problem with it.

Throughout my first session with Akiko she explained what and why she

was working on that area and also taught me self help treatment for
possible future treatment.  In my second treatment with Akiko she went
over the treatment on my neck and shoulder before moving onto my lower
back. I believe this was a big challenge for her as I have had this lower
back pain for the last 21 years. (I am 38 years old now.)  
I now have a lot more movement in my lower back than I had before, and
wish I could get Akiko to do on-going treatment for it, but my work
commitments have not allowed me to do so.  Akiko worked again with no
fuss, enthusiasm and belief in what she was doing to help me. She made
me feel very relaxed on the first visit I had with her.  I wish Akiko all the
best  in the future and whenever possible I will see her again when my work
commitments allow.

All the best Akiko and thank you again for all your kindness and help.

I feel I am a new man.

Anthony Smith





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