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Do you want to be someone else? (英語の記事第一号です)



My name is Akiko.  I am a Tuina (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner. I am trying to help people who suffer from pain.  My life is not easy, but I
am happy.
Do you want to be someone else?  More beautiful, richer, taller, younger,
smarter...?  I don't.
One day, I was searching for my old friend whom I haven't heard from for a
long time.  I Googled, expecting he would show up as he used to be an
executive of a company, but no success.  I tried to type his compay's
name which I barely remembered, but there was no result.  I gave up and
decided to Google my name instead.  My family name is not very common,
ranked as 127th common family name in Japan .  My first name is rather
common, but not with my Chinese characters.  I tried to search for people   with the same name as me in Chinese characters, to see if there is
anyone famous.
Bingo!  A lady who is the vice president of a very well known company was
it.  She has more than 10% of her company's stock.
"Wow!  Lucky you!"  My sister got so excited and told me, "Congrats!"
"Come ooooon, sis!  I would not have her money, you know?"
"Umm...you might be able to replace her!"  She laughed happily.
If..., if I can ever replace her, my sister will be a sister of a millionaire!
"Sister, calm down and be reasonable.  I would not be able to replace her
or never be the lady who has fortune!"
However, I imagined...if I would be her..I would not have to hustle to pay
the bills, running from one place to another to gain a little money...   More
than that!  I would live in a big house with a huge garden, a gorgeous car
or two... or more with a driver and maids, for sure.  I can afford anything I
want to buy, and I should be able to travel all around the world...
Stooooop!  I woke up from a day dream.  It is like the old movie which Alain Delon acted as an ambitious young beautiful man in "Plein soleil"  He killed
the wealthy man and tried to imitate his signature to pretend that he is the
Oh, no!  No, no, no!  I would not want to be someone else.  I am healthy, I  have great people around me and I have dreams I pursue...  I am quite
happy with myself 🙂
My sister found a well known Flamenco dancer whose name is exactly the  same with hers (or my sister's name is the same with the dancer's!).  She
loves that.  She said, "a famous Flamenco dancer!  Not any dancer!"
I think this is not bad at all. 
Cheers to the ladies who have our names!




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